Apr 3, 2012

The girls are getting fat with pregnancy.  Mary looks the largest…as she should.  Mother to the other two does, Beauty and Buffy, in her prime,  she would easily kindle and raise 13 kits.  Beauty is in her second season of production, and Buffy will be a new mother.

Breeding dates were March 7 & 8.  Totally not planned that way…looks like we may be welcoming bunnies for Easter.   Rabbits are pretty much like clock work…31 days.

Flip took measurements to build all new nest boxes.  I’ve cleaned the hutches, and yesterday, we started work on the pasture area for the juveniles.   More trees need to come down, spread hay and cover with chips.

I love to raise rabbits.  They are such a useful and sustainable creature, eating our leftover roots, and in turn providing us glorious organic matter to build and enrich the soil.  We grow food, eat, feed rabbits, and eat.  The cycle of life.

I’m working toward developing a breed of rabbit that throws beautiful pelts, and that gets to a slaughter weight before the end of summer.    Buffy is my first in this line…what fun it will be to see what she creates!

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