Our Unique Cranberry Ketchup!

Sep 9, 2019

Every year in early September we make a big batch of our Organic Maine Cranberry Ketchup  for Jeff at Heiwa Tofu  to serve with his Tofu  “Frites”  at the Common Ground Country Fair.   Last year, his delicious frites won best of show for food at the fair.

In the late 1600′s, Dutch and British seamen brought back a spicy condiment from China known as ke-tsiap, or ketchup.  Variations in the recipe evolved, and Maine’s seafaring families had their favorites.  Our recipe dates before the turn of the 18th century; we simmer cranberry and onion puree with apple cider vinegar, sugar, sea salt and spices to produce a delicious, handcrafted sauce that is great on fries, in salad dressings, and part of a sandwich.

Clam Fritters garnished with Cheryl's KetchupsOrganic Maine Cranberry Ketchup is a delicious condiment.  We like serving it with our Crockett  Cove Clam fritters  on burgers, or as part of these recipes:

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