New Clamming Boots

Apr 9, 2012

Could hardly wait for dawn this morning, dragging Flip out of bed at first light.  There was a really nice low drain in the cove this morning, and I have new pair of clamming boots.

Checked on Mary Rabbit before heading down the hill.  Yup.  She’d kindled.  The hole she dug in the hay filling the nest box was full of fur. Hers.  We’ll pull the box later and count the kits.

Low tide was at 6:38, and by then, I was heading across the beach, noting the density of clam holes.  Checked out the landing in front of Levy’s, then crossed back over to the back side of Rabbit Island.  Plenty of clams here!  Wading thru the ripples, and picking my way across, over to the Deer Isle side and first dig was a razor!  Plenty of hens, but the razors were still covered with water.  I could see the holes…just couldn’t get to the clams.

Tide starting to run back in the cove…time to cross back over.  Flip went up to the house to start the water, and I kept digging clams.

Back on Rabbit Hill, we counted 8 kits in Buffy Rabbit nest box, and at least 9 kits in Beauty Rabbit’s…we could be heading to over 30 rabbits!

We celebrated the day with a breakfast of Rabbit Island clams and Kate’s of Maine melted butter,  Aroostook four grain pancakes, sopped with maple syrup and sprinkled with wild blueberries, fresh squeezed orange juice (a luxury!), and our favorite champagne.

Gotta love those new boots!

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