Lobsters & Peonies from Green Garden Farm

Jun 26, 2017

Our friends Allen & Jose cultivate magnificent certified organic peonies.  Superb farmers and great friends, they grew our initial crop of tomatoes.  Although their tomato crop is primarily for seed now, they are also our garlic supplier.



Check out the beautiful bouquets of their peonies!   I like to put them in vases all over the house and grounds. The yellow peony is the variety Bartzella.

Peonies are lovely in cobalt blue vases.  This variety is Shirley Temple.


So what do we feed folks here at Rabbit Hill?  This was our menu:

Rabbit Pate with fresh almond bread, Rabbit Hill French breakfast radishes, Four Season Farm fennel sticks,
King Hill Farm carrot sticks, Aroostook Oatmeal Bread, Chef’s fresh herb dip,
an assortment of Cheryl Wixson’s Kitchen pickles
* * *
Captain Joe’s Maine lobsters
Cape Cod potato chips
* * *
Paris Strawberry Shortcake
Rhubarb Honey Custard
* * *
Deer Isle Cider Company Sparkling Cider, 2016 Vintage
Barbour Farm Cider


After our repast, the tide was low, so we all hiked to shore and dug clams.   They returned to their farm at dusk, ready to harvest more peonies.

Thanks Allen & Jose!!!

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