Grampy’s Maine Lobster Stew

Mar 3, 2014


Grampy’s Maine Lobster Stew

Grampy’s Maine Lobster Stew

Cheryl Wixson
For each full serving or bowl, allow one pound of lobster. After the lobsters have been boiled, remove meat immediately, saving the tomalley and coral if desired. For four servings, simmer the tomalley and coral in ½ cup butter 7 or 8 minutes, using a heavy kettle. Add the lobster meat, cut into fairly large pieces, and cook 10 minutes over very low heat. Remove from heat and cool slightly. Add, very slowly, one quart rich hot milk, stirring constantly. Use salt and pepper to taste. Allow the stew to stand 5 or 6 hours before reheating for serving. This is one of the secrets of truly fine flavor. The preparation of the perfect Maine Lobster Stew is simple but it does not allow for short cuts. Stirring is most important in this masterpiece; otherwise it will curdle. According to experts on fine Maine cookery, the important steps to success in creating the perfect Lobster Stew are:


  • 1 pound butter
  • 1 gallon whole milk
  • 13-15 pounds lobster, preferably no more than 6 lobsters, all male


  • The partial cooling before gently adding the milk a trickle at a time
  • The constant stirring until the stew blossoms a rich salmon under your nose
  • Finally the aging, since every hour that passes improves the flavor. Two days are set up by masters of Lobster Stew for “aging”, with a minimum period of 5 or 6 hours.

Cheryl's Notes

CHERYL’S NOTES: When Grampy makes this stew for us at my house, I purchase one pound of butter, one gallon of whole milk, and 13 – 15 pounds of lobster, preferably no more than 6 lobsters, all male.

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