First Snow

Oct 30, 2011

Big storm day.  Gale winds, gusts up to 60 mph out of the north, heavy wet snow, who knows how much.  I love days like this at Rabbit Hill.  Stoke up the fire and light the oven.  Who cares what it does outside, inside we’ll be toasty warm, watching the spruce trees bend with the wind and the tide filling the cove, swirling with snow.

Tait and I fed the rabbits, then walked the cove.  Tree down across footbridge at L’s, and the four blow downs at C’s are getting even closer to the power line.  Wonder if we should leave a car out of the woods in case the road is blocked…but who cares…down here, we’re so dependent upon the tides and the weather.

Return to hill… wanting to make something special for breakfast.  Cubed up one fameuse apple and one pear, tossed with some cinnamon sugar and raisins, then folded an 8-inch round of puff pastry dough around it…sort of a rustic free-form pie…baked in my nice hot oven, 375 degrees, until the pastry was nice and golden and the apples and pears had made a nice juice…oh yes, did use a spot of cornstarch in the sugar.  Thinks it makes a nice tart….I’m not usually inclined to use sugar, maple syrup or honey are my sweeteners of choice, but the sugar brought out the natural sugars of the fruit, and the touch of cornstarch made a nice syrup…plus I put quite a bit of freshly grated nutmeg.  Wish I had a picture…but we ate it all!!

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